Saturday, March 16, 2013

Drafting/Revison Fatigue

You know how you can be deep, deep in a draft and just want to be DONE? That was me on Friday. I probably would have rushed the ending if someone hadn't given me great advice:
This is my dog. Her eyes aren't normally that red and scary. :P
Take a break.
If you feel like your work will be suffering from working on something, take a day off. I did. You will come back feeling like your work is a lot better than it would have been!
*Don't use this post to take a day off school and make your teachers (or boss) mad. This mainly refers to writing. :P

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things I've learned lately as a writer

Okay, guys, I'd like to first say I'm sorry for this blog going... Kinda crazy! But it's now back to being my writing blog, which is how it should be. *hugs blog* I've missed it! 
Here are some things I've learned lately about writing:

  • Get betas. They can help you solve those weird problems you don't know how to fix. 
  • Follow that little voice. You know, the smart alec that says "That shouldn't be happening yet!" 
  • Your main character is not supposed to act fully like a human being. That may seem weird, but I forgot my MC is supposed to double as a narrator, too. Which means that sometimes, she has to pause and explain things to the reader.
Like so. Gif from tumblr.
  • Use dialogue tags sometimes.
  • Don't fully take the advice of one writing blog. Get writing advice from many places and take each's advice with a bit of salt. Especially when they contradict each other.
  • Throw out the rules when they appear to be strangling your writing, but only consciously do so. 
  • If you think something's wrong, and a beta reader agrees with you, it's wrong.
  • Did I mention get betas? :P I've learned so much about writing in the ... Eh, four days I've had one? And not just people to cheer you on, people who can say "hey, you need to slow down and give the reader backstory/worldbuilding;" "this is telling;" "your characters are OOC," etc. And so on. Because as it turns out, I don't know everything. :P

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Changes... Again

So I ditched this blog thinking I could find a better writing blog out there.... Well I couldn't! (Shocker!) Writing about horses doesn't interest me like I thought it would, so I'll be taking those down and putting some of my favorite writing posts up again, and resuming this as a writing blog. Sorry for being so wishy-washy guys! I'll probably change my url at some point, but I'm not sure what to.