Thursday, October 10, 2013

What I've learned about Writing So Far This Year

  • When starting out, do the work. Take the time to flesh out those characters and the worldbuilding before you start--the way I see it, it's better to have a spare character or two that doesn't make an appearance on screen versus not having a character when you need someone. 
  • Make even a brief outline. It will help if you story has an arc, some sort of... Something that tells you were it's going, no matter how vague.
  • Betas are the bomb, end of story.
  • Write about people, places, and things you love and writing will be so much more fun. 
My mom took this while on a recent vacation. As a reader, there's nothing more that I love doing than going... "Ahhhh, pretty!"

  • Before starting, I like to write what I think of as "prefanfic." Okay, so it's not fanfic, because it's your storyworld, but here's the thing about fanfic--fanfic writers write their fic of the joy of the characters. And I think it's SO SO SO helpful to write from your main character's POVs until you feel like you know them and their dynamic with the other characters--to the point where spending time with them feels just as fun as writing real fanfiction. 
  • Give characters quirks. It's good for characters to have backstory, and it's even better when that backstory gives them interesting quirks. For example, I have a character who fiddles with jewelry when she's nervous, because, long story short, she lost a family member that she loved who gave her jewelry, so she clings to jewelry as a lifeline of sorts, because it reminds her of her loved one.