Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trunking Ensnare

AKA the book I've been writing for eighteen months. It was not an easy moment. I'm sure I'll still have desperate moments when I still think "I can still revise this!" But I've tried seven times. That's enough.
Here is a fake cover I made back when I was thinking about pen names earlier this year. And no, I don't plan on publishing under "Leah Pointer." You can laugh at the cheesiness. This is why I want to be traditionally published.
Basically, the main reason I decided to truck was because the whole time I tried to make this book into something... There was never a story arc. It was never build to anything. It was just "Scenario happens, crap ensues!"
But there needs to be something deeper at work in a book, at least to me. You need to know what you are building towards and I never did. So unless I can find a way to do that, it's staying shelved. 

But what do I mean by, building towards? Here is what I mean:

I should have an idea of where this book is going if I want it to be salvageable .. It's like SPOILERS from Doctor Who and Harry Potter, one of which I'm hoping you're watched/read: (highlight to read)
  • From Doctor Who: In the first season of Doctor Who, the Doctor and Rose keeping seeing the words "Bad Wolf" everywhere. At the end of the season, Rose realizes that "Bad Wolf" was a message she left for herself in order to save the Doctor, it was a paradox, which she fulfills to save the Doctor. 
  • From Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Harry goes to a vault with Hagrid to collect a tiny little package, that eventually ends up being the Sorcerer's Stone, that Harry has to stop Voldemort from stealing. 
Get what I mean? I didn't have a story or anything to foreshadow towards. Do I regret this book I spend so much work on? No! Because I feel like I learned so so so much from it.

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