Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Doing things different today... Book review!

The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet
The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet
I read this book in one day during finals week. During finals week. (Which is where I’ve been  the past two weeks, sorry guys!)
I really loved Ellie. As a fellow writer, it was so cool to read about her struggles. Though I did want to hit her for not being smart enough to give the girls she wrote into her books different names. I don’t get why she didn’t think to change that…
Who else… Palmer was meh. Sometimes he was adorable and sometimes he was a jerk, but he totally redeemed himself in the end!
Chase was my favorite! Even though he did stupid things (like telling his parents he and Ellie were dating when she said she didn’t want to date.) But he just understood Ellie so well. J
Bronte was okayish. I liked that she encouraged Ellie, but arugh, spoilers! I guess all I can say she started acting like a child at one point.
I also loved Karen! It was nice to see someone that Ellie had as a type of mentor. You don’t see adults around to help the main character enough in YA.
I laughed so hard at the narrowminded Grandma. I think that’s everyone’s grandma personified.
The ending… !!!! Great climax!
I don’t read contemporary, so the fact that I enjoyed this book really says a lot!
5 of 5 stars. You can purchase the ebook here. Rated 13+.

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