Friday, May 31, 2013

Captives by Jill Williamson

Captives (The Safe Lands #1)
Captives had a lot of action going on from the very begining and the more I read this book, the better it got. I loved Mason, he was hands down the smartest of the Glenrock group. I didn’t like Omar. I mean, I got his need for love and acceptance, but it made him act a bit stupid. Levi and Jemma…. They felt almost too perfect to me.  I liked Naomi if only because she was the only of the women smart enough to go “hey, this is twisted.” I also really didn’t like swallow Mia.
The stupidity of the people in the Safe Lands made me want to gag. What with the way they were sleeping with multipule people NO WONDER YOU’VE ALL GOT STDS. And the mothers all are dumb enough to drink while preganant. Those people were SO DUMB. You think they’d realize a lifestyle change could save them, but noooooo.
So overall, not the best book I’ve read, but definately worth picking up. 4/5. You can buy it on amazon.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Go Teen Writers by Stephanie Morrill and Jill Williamson Book Review

Go Teen Writers: How to Turn Your First Draft into a Published Book
The question we hear most from new writers is, “How do I get published?”
And the answer is: Respect your dream
Every writer’s journey is different, yet as we’ve reflected on our experiences and those of the writers around us, we’ve seen time and time again that those who are successful are the ones who had the patience and endurance to stick with this writing thing. They didn’t look for shortcuts (at least, not for long), nor did they quit after five, ten, or one hundred rejections.
We can’t make the process easy for you, but it’s our hope that this book will be a tool you can turn to time and time again when you’re thinking, “Okay … what’s next?”
Includes tips for:
-Getting published
-Finding the right agent
-Book surgery
-Thicker plots
-Deeper characters
-Richer settings
-Weaving in theme
-Dealing with people who don’t get your writing
If you’re a writer, I cannot recommend this book enough. I have found that it improved not only my plots, but my dialogue too! It offers great industry tips and through some of Jill and Stephanie’s stories—you can tell they’ve been in your shoes, so to speak. And the way they teach you about the publishing industry? Hilarious.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Doing things different today... Book review!

The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet
The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet
I read this book in one day during finals week. During finals week. (Which is where I’ve been  the past two weeks, sorry guys!)
I really loved Ellie. As a fellow writer, it was so cool to read about her struggles. Though I did want to hit her for not being smart enough to give the girls she wrote into her books different names. I don’t get why she didn’t think to change that…
Who else… Palmer was meh. Sometimes he was adorable and sometimes he was a jerk, but he totally redeemed himself in the end!
Chase was my favorite! Even though he did stupid things (like telling his parents he and Ellie were dating when she said she didn’t want to date.) But he just understood Ellie so well. J
Bronte was okayish. I liked that she encouraged Ellie, but arugh, spoilers! I guess all I can say she started acting like a child at one point.
I also loved Karen! It was nice to see someone that Ellie had as a type of mentor. You don’t see adults around to help the main character enough in YA.
I laughed so hard at the narrowminded Grandma. I think that’s everyone’s grandma personified.
The ending… !!!! Great climax!
I don’t read contemporary, so the fact that I enjoyed this book really says a lot!
5 of 5 stars. You can purchase the ebook here. Rated 13+.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Waiting for the big one

One thing I've noticed on here is--all I do is give out advice. Which is nice... But maybe it would also benefit you guys if I talk about my writing struggles? Nothing too personal. (Don't want to be "that girl who complains all the time.") But maybe seeing my struggles will help you guys see, "Hey, I'm not alone!"

I feel no regret about shelving my previous project.  The more I think about it, the more I think "That was a terrible book and I can do better!" (Yes, I know one of my betas will read this and go "But I loved it!" Yes, and I love that you loved it, thanks girl. :D) I feel like my skills are growing and now that I know that, with my new-found knowledge, that book wasn't worth publishing... Like, ever.

So now I'm kind of stuck. I literally do not know what to write next. I've had ideas--but nothing that really screams 'WRITE ME!' I've written 5k for two decentish ideas. I like them but... Again, nothing I feel like I should be writing RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I LOVE IT THAT MUCH. I feel like I'm just... Waiting for that great idea to come. THE big idea.

When it comes I'll let you guys know. Or maybe I'll be selfish and hoard the idea all to myself and have it be sekrit. (Shannon Messenger talked about sekrit projects on her blog and I think it sounds super motivating.) Who knows?!